It is important to keep in mind that photos are one of your most valuable marketing tools. They are often the first thing an agent, manager or casting director sees. Once you get through the door you can dazzle them. But you need to get the call first. That is why it is vital to take the time and energy to invest in good photos. With this in mind, here are a few suggestions.


What is the image you want for your photos? What is your "type" or ''casting"? Robert Redford will never play a nerd and Roseanne will never be cast as a beach bunny- so put your money where you make your money. Organize clothing that will be consistent with your image. For a "businessman" look - wear a suit and tie- get into the role - run lines in your head. Think of the photo session as an acting job ...get into the part. We are all multifaceted, but remember lead with your strength. Decide what "looks" you want well in advance of your session then dress accordingly for your photos.


What you wear greatly affects how you are perceived so clothing should support your image. Although there are no hard and fast rules there are a few things that rarely work well in photographs. Avoid solid white. deep "V'' necks, ( unless a more sexy image is desired) , and sleeveless tops. Avoid big prints, paisley, polka dots, checks and leave your Hawaiian shirt at home. Generally, the idea is to not compete with your clothes for attention. Wardrobe should compliment your image.


Hair and makeup also affect your image. Remember wear what the character would wear. For instance a "Mom" would have light makeup and loose, tousled hair. A lawyer would have her makeup a little more stated and her hair done and in place. For your photo session you may choose to :

  1. Do your own hair and makeup
  2. Bring a hair and makeup artist you know and respect
  3. Hire a makeup artist from the photographer' s list (Average rates are $150.)

After your hair and makeup are done, I will shoot a digital preview and show it to you on the studio monitor. You will have an opportunity, at that time. to check the image to make sure it is what YOU want. It is my way of assuring your happiness with each look.


Get plenty of rest the night before your shoot and allow ample time for your drive to the photographer . I have a large selection of CD's to play and soft drinks for your thirst - it is important you feel comfortable. The day of your shoot try to avoid sources of stress (Mother-in law, boyfriend, girlfriend, taxman) and indulge yourself. Leave your pets and / or children at home and remember this is your day.

I'm looking forward to working with you !

1 Look - $250
2 Looks - $300
3-5 Looks - $375
Each Additional Look - $50
Retouching $25 per photo

Out of Town Rates are:
$500 for 2 "looks"
Free retouching for each look

Since I shoot all digital, we are not limited to 36 frames "per roll". Exposures are unlimited but average 30 - 75 per look.

We will look at your photos on the computer right after we shoot them. I can retouch them while you wait.

Shoot them, see them, walk out with them DONE!!! What could be better!

CASH is preferred payment.
A receipt will be provided for your taxes.


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